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Gizem Colakoglu Baday


After TED Ankara College and Bilkent University International Relations Department, she studied French Culture at Sorbonne University; She has worked in the fields of embassy, digital marketing and luxury retail. She started to be interested in, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and astrology from a very young age with the books and manuscript notes of her father, who was also an astrologer, and started to practice astrology in her environment as an amateur since 2010. Following receiving her 3-year Classical Astrology education diploma from Öner Döşer's AstroArt School in 2019, she started to work professionally and received her specialization certificates in Horary, Mundane and Elective Astrology branches from the same school. She holds Hermetic Astrology specialization certificate from Aleksandar Imsiragic, former President of ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research), and in 2022, she graduated with degree of excellency from the 3-year Evolutionary Astrology diploma program with Maurice Fernandes, former President of OPA (Organization of Professional Astrology).  In addition, she attended workshops of many valuable astrologers; She studied sacred geometry and energy measurement and balancing in Switzerland, and Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers from Gemini Brett; she also uses sacred geometry and astronomy in his research. She has written articles for Posta Newspaper's weekend supplement of Öner Döşer's AstroArt Astrology School's AstroGazete, and given conferences at international platforms such as ISAR. She has the title of ISAR Cap with outstanding success and provides her consultancies focusing on the spiritual evolution of the person by blending all the expertise he has received and the deep knowledge from the family.

My Astrology Education

Classical Astrology | Öner Döşer | 3 years | Diploma

Evolutionary Astrology | Maurice Fernandez |  | 3 years | Diploma

Hermetic Astrology | Aleksandar Imsiragic | 1 year

Reincarnation Astrology | Aleksandar Imsiragic | 3-year diploma program. (in progress)

Fixed Stars in Hermetic Astrology |  Aleksandar Imsiragic

Horary (Question Consulting) | Öner Döşer

Mundane (Worldly Events Astrology) | Öner Döşer

Election | Sharon Knight

Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers | Gemini Brett | 7 weeks

Esoteric | Occult Astrology | Kabbalah & Goetia | Onur Guven

Ethical Principles and Consulting Skills | Aleksandar & Lea Imsiragic

Vocational Direction in Astrology | Maurice Fernandez

Financial Astrology | Christeen Skinner ISAR Intensive

Dragons of Eclipses | Aleksandar Imsiragic ISAR Intensive

Uranian Astrology and Transneptunians | Zerrin Zindancıoğlu

Rectification | Zerrin Zindancıoğlu

Astrogeomancy | Naz Bayatlı

Workshops & Seminars

Asteroids | Maurice Fernandez 

Saturn | Maurice Fernandez

12th House | Maurice Fernandez

Dragon Families of Eclipses | Aleksandar Imsiragic 

Antiscia | Zerrin Zindancıoğlu

Draconic Charts |Burcu Çakır

Harmonic Charts | Dilara Efeoğlu

Fear Indicators in Astrology | Öner Döşer

Your Celestial Soulmate | Öner Döşer

Methods of Three Dimensional Astrology | Filip Filipov

New Ways to Explore the Lunar Cycle | frank clifford

Marriages Made in Heaven; Vibrational Astrology & Astrocartography | David Cochrane

Finding Balance Quickly with Energy Astrology | Lea Imsiragic

Astrology and Consciousness | Aleksandar Imsiragic

Sacred Geometry for Astrologers | Gemini Brett

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