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The sky has a language and it is up to us astrologers to decipher this language. My style of translating the sky is also unique to me, blended with the principles of the different astrological ecoles I have acquired.

My astrology journey started in elementary school with the astrology books and manuscript notes of my father, who deseased when I was very young.

Classical Astrology, as the backbone of astrology with the statistics gathered by the ancient astrologers developed with their own experiences; Hermetic & Reincarnation Astrology, as the basis of Karmic and Dharmic perspective astrology with its infrastructure; Evolutionary A
strology, focusing on one's journey of spiritual evolution and the lessons the soul learns on that journey. I am the synthesis of these ecoles.

My style developed over the years is far from translating the sky mot a mot. In other words, I do not give  consultancy as an astrology lesson as in the form of horoscope-house-planet, like a computer printout. I approach your chart holistically, as I do to you.

As an Evolutionary Astrologer who has the Ethical Principles and Counseling Skills certificates, along with the title of ISAR Cap from a professional accredited institution such as ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), my job is to talk to you about potentials, explain possibilities and offer my suggestions. These recommendations will never contain clear-cut provisions, because my first advice in my consultancy is to respect the free will of the person.  

Phrases you can't hear from me; "This planet of yours is in this house; a) you are unfortunate b) you will not be able to marry c) you will be very rich" or that asteroid of your lover has met with this point of yours, he is your soul mate, you will definitely get married/leave this guy/job/partner". If you need a consultancy that will decide on behalf of you in this way, my consultancy will not be suitable for you.

What distinguishes two people born at the same time from each other, turns their chart into fingerprint uniqueness, the moment of birth and the effects it receives from the heavens is the functioning of each Soul according to its own consciousness. While someone with strong placements, harmonious aspects, and lucky spots can exhibit behaviors that easily harm their environment with a low level of consciousness; A person who is located and has compelling aspects and unlucky points, which is considered harmful, can be more hardworking, successful and motivated to help the society with these compelling effects with a high level of consciousness. Just like master's doctoral students, the evolutionary lessons of advanced Souls may be advanced, or the soul may have chosen to evolve faster by learning from the future.


First of all, before I make your appointment, I ask you to the necessary questions according to the type of consultancy you prefer and learn about your consultancy needs.

In the first part of the consultations such as Natal Chart Analysis, Relationship Analysis, Past Future Life Analysis, I am telling you about the potentials that your chart can offer.

Then, we are having a conversation* about how YOU experience the dynamics of your chart that I have just described. In this section, I understand you and your motivations thoroughly as which energies of your chart, in what way have manifested in your life and which potentials were unused.. .

In the next section, we talk about how you can better utilize the overall potentials and possibilities or broaden your perspective on your problems.

I am progressing in other consultations such as Horary (Question) Astrology and Correct Timing, as described in the Consultations section.

*As I explained in the section above, I consider making clear cut judgements(oracle, etc.) without having this conversation as an approach that does not give importance to free will. Before applying for an appointment, I would like to let you know that I only tell my clients about potentials and possibilities, and it is up to your free willed choice to decide how to use these information and how you live.


Evolutionary Astrology focuses on the soul and consciousness's journey through evolution. 
The journey of all of us is full of clues from the universe that teach us lessons to evolve and expand our consciousness.
If we look carefully, we can see that everything is part of the natural order of life and has a purpose.
In our evolutionary process, we all have lessons to learn and therefore certain challenges.
Sometimes we need a little nudge and sometimes we need to be relaxed in order to learn, develop our consciousness, and move forward in evolution.

Although being born in the same place at the same time may have similar effects in people's lives, we have the free will to respond to these effects differently. 
We have the free will to use our chart better and reach our highest potential.
In this respect, Evolutionary Astrology does not interpret the challenging aspects in the charts as doomed to suffering or the supportive aspects as guaranteeing success.

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