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Natal Chart Analysis

Natal Harita Analizi

This includes an analysis of your chart from the perspective of the evolution of the soul.


Our chart, sealed with the moment we were born, is like a multidimensional identity card of our creation. Our general temperament sees a pretty detailed instruction manual about our skills and areas for improvement. With natal chart analysis, we can gain versatile information about ourselves in areas such as relationships, profession, finance and health. In this way, we can gain a new perspective on issues that we often overlook, and we can more easily realize and evaluate the opportunities that come our way.

The first part of your natal chart analysis with an Evolutionary Astrology perspective clarifies the questions of what lessons your Soul has come to this life with and in what direction it has chosen to evolve. Being aware of your evolutionary goals in the journey of the soul helps you to better understand what you are going through in this life and to use your potential in the best way.

In the last part of the natal chart consultancy, the topics and important dates that you have the potential to experience in the next year will be shared in general. 

(If you prefer detailed forecasting, you should get periodic detailed forecasting counseling.)

90-120 minutes

Geçmiş&Gelecek Yaşam

Past & Future Life Analysis

Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

With Reincarnation Astrology and Hermetic Astrology, lives that are important turning points in your past and future lives are analyzed and situations that interrupt you or get stuck in your evolution journey are analyzed.

Past, future, and present lives do not exist at different times in the linear nature of time, but in a cyclical fashion, at the same time, only in different vibrations. With various methods developed by Aleksandar Imsiragiç, your past and future lives can also be analyzed from your map.

Issues that have taken a special place in our souls in past lives show their aftershocks in the present life. Examples of the seto notice, Working on  and solving the lesson that the soul should take in this life can help remove a great weight from the current life. Likewise, while living our present life, if we can activate our future life already, we can execute the mission of our soul and live a more peaceful life with vertical evolution.

The most important point here is to integrate and unite past, present and future lives in the INSTANT.

90-120 minutes

Rehber Hayvan&Melek

Guide Animals & Angel Analysis

With the blending of Hermetic and Shamanic Astrology, with the detection of the wave and particle states of your existence, the shadow animal that connects with your past life, the power animal that connects with the present life and your spiritual guide animal that connects you with the future life; I am also identifying your three life crystals and Bach essences, the rituals associated with your guardian angel, star angel, and higher self angel of these lifetimes.

While the information you will gain in this analysis helps you to solve your karma and dharma; It will show you a way to a vertical leap that allows rapid evolution with the integration of past and future lives with current life. With the help of this information, you will receive long-term support in your evolutionary journey.


Since this counseling includes some rituals, I want you to digest the guiding energies without mixing them together, so I do the work in three stages.

90-120 minutes

İlişki Analizi

Relationship Compliance Analysis


It includes the analysis of emotional, family, friendship, work relationships, child-parent relationships from the perspective of evolution of the soul belonging to Evolutionary Astrology.

In the first part of the relationship analysis, the relationship understanding of the parties, their expectations from the relationship, their excitement and happiness, and traumatic and potentially challenging areas are examined individually.

Then, the charts are analyzed together with Synastry, Composite, Davison and Coalescent methods, and the effects of the two parties on each other in the journey of life are examined. By discussing the ties of the duo, karmic entanglement or support (if any) between incarnations, we focus on the lessons that the client's soul should take on its journey of evolution through this relationship.

For this analysis, the birth information of both parties should be given as day/month/year/time/location.

90-120 minutes

Yıllık Detaylı Öngörü

Detailed Forecast (Annual / Monthly)


By examining your natal chart in detail with foresight techniques such as Progression, Solar/Lunar Return, Solar Arc, Eclipses, Transits, Advances, Firdaria, etc., you can experience general effects, possible supports, difficulties, etc. in a year (/month).I provide information on important dates and offer suggestions so that you can make the most positive use of what will happen during these periods.

You can receive this type of consultancy in two different ways, as a video call or as a more detailed written report, according to your preference.

*Important Note: The more precise your birth time is, the more accurate the analysis will be. For example, a 4 minute difference at the time of your birth, will make a 1 degree difference in your natal chart; 1 degree in some predictive methods will give different results up to 1 year shift in some prediction methods.

Therefore, if your birth time is uncertain in the range of +/-2 hours , I suggest you seek advice from someone who is very professional in the field of rectification(natal time determination). Rectification is not one of my favorite puzzles to solve. 

90-120 minutes


Horary (Question) Consulting

Image by Daniel Roberts from Pixabay

Horary is one of the most ancient methods used by medieval and Hellenistic period astrologers, in those times when not even people's birth time, nor their birthdays were recorded yet.


You know when you have a topic in mind and a question pops up in your mind like "I wish I had the answer?" Horary is like asking for help from the sky of that "moment" and getting the answer. The celestial position of the questioned moment is analyzed with special methods and analyzed for the question.

  • "Should I sell my house?"

  • "Will I make money from this business?"

  • "Is my girlfriend serious with me?"

  • "Should I change my job?"

  • "Did X steal my wallet?"

Clear yes/no questions should be asked.


At the same time,

  • "Will I buy a house in a year?"

specific time frame for the question likeshould be given.

You may also need to reevaluate the purpose of asking your question. Most of the time, different underlying issues are wondered rather than the first question asked. You should reach out to me after you have focused and cleared your question within yourself. At times, it may be important to note down the moment that question pops into your mind.

*While your birth time information is not essential for Horary, it is still supportive.

15 minutes


Optimal & Auspicious Timing
(Elective Astrology Consulting)

Image by Julia Schwab from Pixabay

Timing is everything.

What you need is to determine the most supportive time for your priorities in the short and long term that you give for new beginnings.

  • Date of marriage

  • Company setup

  • Website/ Social media launch

  • Important mail / meeting times

  • for a nice holiday

  • Getting started with a house

* It is not possible to be perfect in all aspects and conditions. The dates and times with the most accurate potential are determined within the time interval you give.

10 minutes


One Subject Consulting


Are you more curious about a particular area of your life in general or you may be approaching to some important crossroads in a particular area of your life. 


This analysis includes an in-depth analysis of a single area of interest and the potential for change in one year. 

  • How will be the person I marry? When can someone come into my life? What should I pay attention to in love relationships? What will happen with my partner in a year?

  • What developments can occur in the working environment? Can I get promoted within a year? Will there be an increase in my business income?

You can get consultancy focused on an area you are interested in.

45 minutes

Career and Vocation Analysis

Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay.jpg

With a detailed analysis of your temperament, characteristics, skills and abilities, you will learn which professions you have more potential for.

Although we are lead to some professions thanks to our talents and skills, it does not mean that we do it with pleasure. Sometimes, without thinking too much about it, you may have taken a step years ago and perhaps you may have developed expertise in the same field working for years.

In this consultancy, you will learn the potential professions that might be your soul calling, as well as the vocations that you can serve the whole.

In Career and Vocational Counseling, you also learn how your profession will be practiced  in respect of where you are in the world.

60 minutes

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